Dung in the Gutter! Episode 4 Just Launched

Episode 4: Eavesdropping En route to the harbor, Blister catches two secret agent spy pigeons deliberately splatter-painting passersby. He promises not to report them to the head of their order so long as they do him a favor. They must investigate the strange electric rattraps known as Dr. van Sangfreud’s Incredible IncarceRATors. listen Credits: Special… Continue reading Dung in the Gutter! Episode 4 Just Launched

Hungry for a Little Mystery?

Season One of the Blister and Muck Story Time Podcast Is your family hungry for a little mystery? This all-new story time podcast tails two hungry mismatched rats who must bamboozle a mad scientist capturing animals with some shocking traps.  Check out the Season One trailer and subscribe so you'll never miss an episode. This… Continue reading Hungry for a Little Mystery?