A story time podcast for the whole family

Is your family hungry for a little mystery? The Blister and Muck Story Time Podcast is a madcap caper about two hungry, mismatched rats who must bamboozle a mad scientist capturing animals with some shocking electric traps.

Every week, young listeners (and the young at heart) can gather round for screen-free family fun as they follow Blister and Muck on their many misadventures.

Check out the Season One Trailer:

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About the Story

It’s a mashup of Jim Henson and Charles Dickens; this tale is like Red Wall trapped on The Island of Dr. Moreau

About the Creator

Jenny Mason is a wry, sly children’s author with a track record of bad puns…

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Praise for Blister and Muck

When I started, I didn’t know if I was going to like a story about rats, but you have made them real and likable

Holly H., Colorado

Loved, loved, LOVED your voices! The story is adorable, original and exposes children to interesting, creative words.

Shelley S., New York