About the Story

Blister and Muck

This funny, heartfelt mystery tails two hungry, mismatched rats who must bamboozle a mad scientist. By the way, “mad” in this instance, means “Master-of-All-Disguises.” But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also mean “crazy,” “barmy,” or “watch out for loose screws.”

It’s the 1890s in Blaakrust — a city made more of filth than metal. Blister is a bona fide Tuff Tail—streetwise and cheeky. He lives alone with his pet spider, Spindle. Hunger is the only thing he can always rely on. McAllister, or Muck, is a kindhearted, timid Silver Whisker who lost his luxurious home and family in a fire he may have started. They form an unlikely alliance in order to stop an evil egghead who traps animals and whisks them away to a secret laboratory.

Dung in the gutter! Blister and Muck must track down and outwit that twisted scientist. Throughout their madcap misadventures, the rats team up with secret agent spy pigeons Seltzer and Horchata…Rip the lisping panther…Madam Putreska and her rescue opeRATives…Orville Whitmore, a lovelorn zookeeper, and retired circus elephant Gorgeous George, to name but a few.

But Blister’s ingrained mistrust leads to a deceit that lands Muck inside the dreaded laboratory! Blister must choose between food that feeds and a friendship that fulfills.

Image courtesy of Pxfuel, CC0.

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