Blister Must *Take Charge* in Episode 7

Episode 7: Power Struggles

Blister and the trapped animals skirmish with the evil doctor’s army recruits. Meanwhile, Dr. van Sangfreud escapes with Blister’s electric memories, plus the route to the opeRATives’ headquarters.

For the Curious

Listen to the Science Friday interview with sociologist, Dr. Priya Fielding-Singh on scarcity.

How the Other Half Eats by Priya Fielding-Singh

“The US Has More Power Outages Than Any Other Developed Country. Here’s Why.” by Ula Chrobak

“Power Grid History” a timeline

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For instance…

If you plant a light bulb in your garden, will it grow into a…power plant?

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Special thanks to Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional music from Chad Crouch, Monplaisir, and John Bartmann. Electrical sounds and FX from wakerone, Daniel Simon, and Mike Koenig [1], [2], [3] Janosch-JR, constructabeat, and zott820. Flathill brought the rain and thunder. Mike Koenig brought the crickets. Explosions and thuds from tommccann and GWMX-YouTube03. All other sounds from the public domain. Never in scarce supply is gratitude for my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!

Featured Image: Airarcs, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Jenny is a story hunter. She has explored foreign countries, canyon mazes, and burial crypts to gather the facts that make good stories. Once, she sniffed a 200-year-old skull...for research purposes. Jenny received an M.Phil from Trinity College Dublin and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from VCFA. She has authored nearly 20 STEM books for young readers. Her inquisitive and funny nonfiction articles have appeared in Mountain Flyer, Cobblestone, and Muse magazines. Jenny also works as a freelance copy writer for nonprofits and small businesses.

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