Episode 4 Puts the Rat in LaboRATory

Episode 4: The LaboRATory

Blister warns Lady Jana that all her assistants and supporters are secretly in cahoots with Dr. van Sangfreud. When she does not heed the warning, they both wind up in the mad imposter’s lab.

For the Curious

You’ve heard the expression: have the wool pulled over your eyes or getting hoodwinked. These sayings are strangely related. Long ago, when criminals were sentenced to death, they could then be executed through all sorts of grim means. They could be hung, shot, tied to spiky wheel and rolled through the village. Whatever the means of execution, convicts were sometimes given a cloth sack or wool hood to put over their heads. This way, they wouldn’t have to see their own death approaching. The awful truth could be mercifully veiled.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a criminal to have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Tune in next time to find out whether Dr. van Sangfreud prefers the pachata, the meringue, the two-step, or the lindy hop. Why do we care about his dance preferences? Because he’s sure to be dancing on Blister’s grave. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure his dance of choice will be *the hustle.*

In the meantime, know any alpaca or llama jokes better or worse than this one?

What did the llama see when he looked in the mirror?

His own spitting image!

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Special thanks to Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional music from Music from Komiku, John Bartmann, Kevin McLeod, Monplaisir. Oorlab and ebcrosby brought the fighting cats. Mickfire made the machinery hum. Al_BeDV flicked the light switch. Horse and carriage sounds from SoundEnsemble and Caquet and GoodListener. All other sounds from the public domain. Special thanks also goes out to my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!

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