Blister Is Tide Up in Episode 17

Episode 17: Silence Broken

Blister struggles with opeRATive life when Madam Putreska takes the team to the beach for martial training. At the same time, Muck rises to a new level of prestige. And, two of the addled animals resume speaking.

For the Curious

There’s an entire week to wait for the Season Two Finale with Blister and Muck. Distract yourself from the agony of waiting and dive into these fun resources about oceans:

Every day, every moment, an ocean war transpires that keeps us alive…(RadioLab Episode)

My Octopus Teacher (an amazing documentary!)

PBS’s documentary about communicating with an octopus will keep you octopied…

Explore ocean worlds in our galaxy with NASA

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While you’re here, use the contact form to tell me what you think is going to happen in the Season Two Finale! Know any beach jokes better or worse than these?

What does the ocean say to the beach?
Nothing. It just waves.

Why was the beach sand wet?
Because the sea*weed.*

If you dare to share a joke, I’ll share it on the show and give you a shout out!

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Special thanks to Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional public domain music from Kevin MacLeod and Monplaisir.  Mike Koenig brought the ocean waves [1] [2] [3]. Additional water sounds from Art4Noise at Pond5. Other public domain sounds [1] [2] from Seagull sounds from Daniel Simion. Additional bird sounds from the public domain at I am always grateful for my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!  

Featured image CC0 by Igor Chernobelskij

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