The Heroes Joust Can’t Get Along in Episode 10

Episode 10: The Muffin Cup

Muck and Seltzer are at loggerheads. Muck demands Blister’s help on a quest to investigate evidence which suggests his family may be alive. However, Seltzer wants to interrogate Blister about the treats that lured the wharf rats into the bell tower.

For the Curious

Spruce up your conversations with these vintage, Victorian expressions:

A Dictionary Full of Victorian Slang

56 Delightful Victorian Slang Terms You Should Be Using

Victorianism–Adventures in Victorian Slang

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Special thanks to composer Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional music from Kevin McLeod and Loyalty Freak Music. SoundIdeasCom at Pond5 provided the horse and carriage. Barkenov rang the bell. Alexbuk made the pecks. Dav0r brought the drips. My most magical gift has always been my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!

Featured collage from images by Kevin David Pointon CC0.

By jenmichellemason

Jenny is a story hunter. She has explored foreign countries, canyon mazes, and burial crypts to gather the facts that make good stories. Once, she sniffed a 200-year-old skull...for research purposes. Jenny received an M.Phil from Trinity College Dublin and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from VCFA. She has authored nearly 20 STEM books for young readers. Her inquisitive and funny nonfiction articles have appeared in Mountain Flyer, Cobblestone, and Muse magazines. Jenny also works as a freelance copy writer for nonprofits and small businesses.

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