Beware *Cheep* Tricks in Episode 13

Episode 13: Pigeons in Peril

Days pass while Blister continues to coach Muck. The city’s new electric power grid suffers inexplicable outages. One of the secret agent spy pigeons, Seltzer, surfaces to report a catastrophe. While investigating the electric rattraps, his partner, Horchata, was captured.

For the curious, enjoy these links to the wild rat and pigeon facts mentioned in the introduction:

“How Pigeons Became Rats”

Why People Hate Pigeons

“How Do Pigeons Find Their Way Home?”

Rat Facts

Even More Rat Facts

Rats Outnumber People

Pigeons Slightly Outnumber US Population

How Close Are You to a Rat Right Now?

Special thanks to composer Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional music from Monplaisir and John Bartman. Lisa Redfern supplied the crickets. Mike Koenig brought the ocean and other sound FX. I bring gratitude for my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!