Get Ready for a Rude Awakening in Episode 10

Episode 10: Ooze and Aahhs

Muck disappears without a goodbye or thank you to his host. Blister dodges Dr. van Sangfreud rattraps, on his way to Madam Putreska’s caverns. He discovers Ooze, an opeRATive, has been zapped senseless. Blister needs to guide her to the caverns, but he is also being tailed by two sneaky cats.

For the curious, here are some links to cool books and articles about life in the 19th century and many of the inventions created then which now define modern life:

“The Most Important Inventions of the 19th Century”

Shoes…Finally Made for Feet

How to Be a Victorian by Ruth Goodman

This Victorian Life by Sarah A. Chrisman

Special thanks to composer Roland Rudzitis for serving up the Blister and Muck theme song. Additional music from John Bartmann. Daniel Simon provided the drippy cave sounds. Other sound FX came from the Sound Bible and the Free Music Archive. I am always grateful for my family, friends, and fans. One for one and all for you!