Ticks and maggots! Episode 1 Available Now

Episode One: An Apple, A Day

Blister, a Tuff Tail street rat, scores a fresh apple while besting his rival Scab and her rat pack, Spit, Grime, Gag, Scum, and Snot. Blister must then save a timid Silver Whisker rat from wicked alley cats. McCallister, or Muck, reveals a dangerous electric rattrap lurking in the city of Blaakrust’s streets.

Credits: Special thanks to composer Roland Rudzitis whose tune “If Only Walls Could Speak” serves as the Blister and Muck theme song. Thanks also to The Free Music Archive and Monplaisir for the moody music at the end of this episode. Pond5 provided stock audio. Daniel Simon provided the old puttering engine.