Can your family crack this unsolvable mystery?

Hungry for some mystery? Hear the series sampler.

The Blister and Muck Podcast tails two lonely, hungry rats mismatched as team and charged with bamboozling a mad scientist abducting animals in shocking electric traps.

Join the screen-free, ad-free fun every week as Blister, Muck, and motely crew of creatures embark on many misadventures.

This hilarious, madcap caper is a Jim Henson meets Mary Shelley mashup.

Over One Hundred Voices

Meet the award-winning children’s author behind the Blister and Muck universe.


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Praise for Blister and Muck

Your podcast is world class! My kids (ages 6,8,10) just finished season one and loved it. Thanks for sharing this with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—Ben & Lauren, Pace, Gillian, and Fira

Jenny Mason is…a bundle of energy, kindness and fun! She writes and performs over 100 voices. We admire and applaud your hard work. It’s a great deal of fun. Check it out!

— The Merely Players

Parent-friends and -family, check out Jenny’s podcast! Wonderful food for the imagination, and perfect antidote for restless youngsters stuck indoors.

— Lynne B.

If you missed yesterday’s episode, then I forgive you! But today your must listen up! So grab your favorite snugly blanket and person or persons and tune in.

—Melissa M.

We have tried to listen to several different podcasts over the last year with zero success. Yours was the first we listened to and thoroughly enjoyed.

— Holly & Barry

Loved, loved, LOVED your voices! The story is adorable, original and exposes children to interesting, creative words.

— Shelley S.

Bravo! Lunch with Blister and Muck was delightful. I’ll be passing this on to many!!!

— Ron & Linda